Jacqui leads a purposeful life uniquely collaborating with individuals, teams and organizations as she guides you through a transformational journey to conscious living. She leverages her naturally powerful Intuitive abilities with her extensive education, training and personal life experiences in order to teach, facilitate healing and empower.

Spiritual healing services for leadership teams

Benefits of Business & Leadership Coaching:

  • Provides an expert second opinion on Leadership, Vision, Strategy, Culture and Human Capital
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Helps you achieve greater results with less work
  • Creates accountability for individuals and within teams
  • Helps you generate increased sales and greater profits
  • Helps you develop your leadership team
  • Facilitates team building and helps teams achieve greater success
  • Helps you manifest innovate products and services
  • Helps you rediscover your passion
  • Guides you to innovating new solutions
  • Helps you manage transformational change
  • Helps you learn how to inspire those you lead to achieve extraordinary results!’

Jacqui and Company spiritual healing methods for individuals

Benefits of Life Coaching:

  • Guides you to a place of self-empowerment
  • Helps you design our life to maximize fulfillment
  • Provides you with clarity
  • Helps you cope with life transition
  • Learn how to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Create accountability for you
  • Provides unbiased input
  • Helps you focus on your personal passions
  • Process problems and be receptive to solutions
  • Helps you with balance in life and in your yin-yang energy
  • Learn about importance of setting boundaries and in the power of ‘No’
  • Enhances your focus and channels your drive
  • Challenge yourself and grow personally and in your career!

Spiritual healing methods and services for organizations

Benefits of Spiritual & Mindfulness Coaching:

  • Builds on the framework of Life Coaching but takes you to a greater understanding of your life purpose, human energy and the universe
  • Attract positive people, places and opportunities into your life like a magnet
  • Provides a venue for personal growth and development
  • Helps you attain inner peace and happiness
  • Experience living “in the moment” with a variety of mindfulness techniques.
  • Helps you move forward in life from emotional trauma, fear, hurt and anger
  • Guides you in transforming negative mental patterns into life-affirming changes
  • Helps you heal relationship issues and manifest more love
  • Co-create the life of you’re destined to live!


Are you ready to move forward in life and release the energetic shackles that hold you back? Are you ready to end a recurring life lesson with negative outcomes? Are you ready to step into your personal power to manage an addiction, to heal depression or to break the cycle of abuse? Are you ready to live in a state of health? Are you ready to lead a purpose-driven life? Are you ready to experience a life filled with love and happiness? Are you ready to grow your business or improve relationships? If you answered yes to any of these or are are in need of general coaching, I can help you!

Are you seeking Vibrational Ascension or Energy Balancing services such as Reiki, Karmic Purification, Subtle Energy Purification, DNA Activation, Shamanic Healing, Hex Removal, Feng Shui, Tapping into Your Feminine Energy, Visualization or Meditation Techniques? I can help you.

High Vibrational Energy Balancing can help you heal your life, your relationships and your business or organization. During our initial session and assessment, I provide a diagnostic of your subtle energy system, self-help tools, as well as next step recommendations.

Services are customized based on your objectives.

Jacqui services clients worldwide with several office locations and through the use of modern technology (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp & FaceTime). She also participates in international retreats and travels for her work with leadership teams, organizations and public figures.

Rates and packages vary, so please contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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