The music I’ve selected for this self-empowerment series is Seven Sacred Centers, composed by the talented Christopher Lloyd Clark. This collection of music has been re-created with various affirmation themes (e.g. self-love, subtle energy healing or healing addictions). Every theme (or CD/album) contains an introduction and seven affirmation meditation tracks, designed to connect with each chakra and your entire subtle energy field.

Interested in taking a listen before you purchase? I hope you enjoy this preview of the Manifesting Abundance CD (Track 1). For a complete list of all 14 CD themes, simply continue to scroll down the page. Cheers!


Purchase all 14 Albums (that’s 98 affirmation meditation tracks + 1 intro track) in the Seven Sacred Centers collection on a reusable flash drive for $88.88 USD (includes shipping and handling). Please include the following in the comments of your payment submission to complete the processing of your order: Name, Phone Number, Mailing Address, Email and Address. You may also place an order by emailing or calling Jacqui directly.

All rights reserved. This music may not be disseminated, modified, reproduced, or copied without prior written permission from Jacqueline Cassel.