We Are All One


An Antractic expedition is the worst way to have the best time of your life.

-Apsely Cherry-Garrard

  • Two-week Antarctic Expedition with people from 21 countries and great chemistry. It didn’t matter where we were from, we shared the love of running, playing, exploring life and enjoying the company of others. Appreciating everyone’s cultural differences, this group was quite the adventurous melting pot of hilarity!
  • Our course took us from the Tango Capital of the World…to the End of the World…to the South Pole.
  • Experienced 10-days aboard the Academik Ioffe research vessel with a Russian naval crew. I did get the captain to laugh and smile for a photo with me on the bridge. Then I dropped my phone in the water (SMH:-)
  • Survived the Drake Passage. Not once, but twice.
  • Experienced wonders of the world with all my senses.
  • New friends, laughter and unforgettable memories. PRICELESS.



Life-Changing Experiences


Taking in the Magnificent Views…In Complete Silence.

DSC00391 (2)

Post-marathon celebration and dancing with my Spaniard and Russian friends.

DSC00384 (1)

…and the dancing continued…for days.

DSC00412 (2)


Hanging with Twila, my Canadian sis:-)



Chillaxin in the Lounge…abundant laughter…and hysterical games. Sharon is about to put Eric on ice directly behind me. (haha)

IMG_1111 (1)

Seven Continents Club Post-Marathon Celebration

An authentic St. Patty’s Day celebration led by our favorite Irish friends. Rory was quite the storyteller as he led the dramatic fireside chat, explaining how St Patty’s Day came to be. Pierce and Cath fulfilled roles as leprechauns. Philip was St. Patty himself. Oh. My. Goodness. Hilarious… as they adorned us with green bracelets and St Patty’s day stickers.




Beach-themed Party. Who packed beach attire for Antartica? Our Spaniard friends won props for most creative costume with supplies on hand! (haha)

I am eternally grateful for this entire life-changing experience and to those who made the entire trip run seamlessly. The naval crew ensured our safety and re-routed us around King George’s Island to avert dangerous weather. The OneOcean and Marathon Tour teams were simply phenomenal — knowledgable, personable, humorous and extremely hardworking.

Liz Mikkelsen Harbor-4

Aside from being a guide by day and bartender by night, Joao was my superman on race day! After I crossed the finish line, he came to my aid. When I didn’t laugh at his joke and couldn’t formulate a sentence, he realized I had hypothermia and frostbite. Joao dressed me in my dry gear and life vest for the zodiac ride to the naval ship.


OneOceans Expedition Team at the Captain’s Dinner. Cheryl (red dress) resigned from her employment as a corporate attorney in London to follow her personal passion. She now leads a 1st class OneOcean Team with members from around the world.


Eric photographing me…as I am taking it all in during the port side emergency preparedness drill.


CHEERS to many new friends from around the globe!

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Published in April 2016.