Vibrational Ascension: What and Why



Quantum physics affirms that everything is comprised energy. You. Me. Your chair. Your smartphone. The food and drink you consume. Everything.

Humanity has been provided the gift of free will in this life. The human subtle energy system is a bit more complex as it is comprised of your mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Each of your thoughts, emotions and actions contribute to your vibrational frequency. Your frequency may also be impacted by concurrent lives, as well as your genetic DNA.

Vibrational ascension is the process of attaining greater levels of consciousness and in accessing new dimensions. You awaken to understanding what it means to be a love and light being. You understand the innate power that you possess to manifest a life filled with abundant love, peace and happiness…if you choose.




You are a spiritual being on a human journey. Humanity has a number of shared lessons, including living fearlessly and with unconditional love.

Healing your shadow self coupled with subtle energy purification are steps toward ascension and releasing energetic shackles. The very shackles that have you attracting energy vampires and opportunities that result in less than desirable outcomes. As you vibrationally ascend, you attract people and opportunities that allow you to step into your personal power and fulfill your life purpose – without drama and negative interference. You must, however, first embrace the spiritual reawakening process in order to write new chapters in your book of life.

To discover more about why we journey, my spiritual reawakening and how to purify your mind, body and spirit…allow Ascension to inspire and guide you.