Seven Continents Marathon Finisher (Woo Hoo!)


Although I began running the summer before I entered eighth grade to shed weight, running became empowering on so many other levels. I could choose when and where I would run. It was simple to put on my shoes and head out the front door. Running became a form of meditation for me. It became my place of spiritual solace where I was present in the moment within nature.

I was once asked by a non-runner what I was running from. He had it all wrong. I was running to myself…to self-discovery…to understanding just how powerful I am. It’s how the universe revealed to me that I could achieve all of my greatest dreams with faith, passion and commitment.

I ran my first marathon ever nine days before my 34th birthday in 2007. Within several years, I enjoyed my first trip across the pond. Even more momentous? This trip was solo. I relished the sights, the cuisine and meeting so many other people. The universe also led me to meeting several American couples who enjoyed running marathons during their vacations abroad. Wait that’s a real thing? Yes, and it became soul food. Less than five months later, I was running my first international race in the Tamarindo Beach Marathon (Costa Rica) with “sole” brothers and sisters. It was quite an exhilarating (and HOT) experience!


My dream of completing a marathon on every continent was achieved on May 15, 2016 with the Lima 42K Marathon! The first question I’m often asked by other sports enthusiasts: What are your “seven”? The first race I completed on each continent:

North America: Richmond, Virginia (USA)

Europe: Paris Marathon (Paris, France)

Asia: The Great Wall Marathon (Beijing, China)

Oceania: Auckland Marathon (Auckland, New Zealand)

Africa: Amazing Maasai Marathon (Laikipia, Kenya)

Antarctica: St. George’s Island (laps between the Russian and China stations)

South America: Lima 42K Marathon (Lima, Peru)


I’ve been asked if I experience post-marathon depression, especially after becoming a Seven Continents Finisher. Not at all. Life itself is like a marathon, not a sprint to the finish line. As a perpetual optimist who looks forward to what’s next on my horizon, I keep moving forward. I will continue marrying my love for travel and running. The more I travel, the more I want to experience. My next international marathon is in five short months away…


Celebrating the completion of our seventh continent marathon in Lima, Peru!