Every Princess Needs A Castle


Okay, I must admit that from time I was a little girl I loved fairytales…stories about true love and of good triumphing over evil. Although I have enjoyed images of gorgeous architecture through the years, I was beyond excited to visit my first castle.

Dublin Castle was originally a Viking settlement and was known as the poorest castle. It was wild to imagine 18,000 bodies residing within these walls. In addition to the challenges of normal disease and death, the Black Death (transported by rats and fleas) killed 8,000 people living inside the Dublin Castle walls.

Dublin Castle Entrance

A Section of the Moat that Still Exists Today…Where the Puddle River Used To Run

The Chapel Royal opened in 1815 as the Dublin Castle’s official church.

This organ with 500 pipes was installed in 1857.

This stained glass window was made in 1814 in the Netherlands. Stained glass windows were made for people who didn’t undserstand Latin. They tell a story.

Presidential room decorated in blue and gold

Magnificent Design and Decor Inside the Castle

The King’s Throne

When I returned to my hotel, I watched staff roll out the red carpet down the lobby and out the front door for a couple ready to be whisked away for their wedding. My path also crossed with the groom’s mother and two of her granddaughters anxiously awaiting the big moment! I could feel all the love and magic in the air…

The Irish I met were so lovely…happy to help, loved to strike up conversation and were quite humorous. They take themselves far less seriously than Americans. Dancing, drinking and time spent having fun is a core part of their culture.