The Power of Conscious Leadership


The Power of Conscious Leadership

By: Jacqueline Cassel

E The Magazine for Female Executives (January 2017).

The New Year is a time of reflection and renewal. What better time to set goals and the tone for the rest of the year? First you must evaluate everything you’ve been told about leadership. Release all of your subconscious beliefs. Prepare to chart a new course based on your natural abilities and unique gifts.

I’m often asked about the lack of balanced diversity and wage gaps in senior level management roles, in high-level government positions and on boards. I even wrote a lengthy paper on the glass ceiling for my MBA. Early in my career, I subscribed to this invisible barrier as something society imposed. I’ve since been awakened to so much more. What we manifest into our personal lives is based on our thoughts, feelings, subconscious beliefs, our spoken words and, yes, even our own energy. In my book, Ascension, I discuss the various aspects of the subtle energy system and its role in our lives.