Peruvian Cuisine and History Lesson


Day 2 in Lima began with a lovely night’s sleep and a 2.5 mile run to stretch my legs. We were focused on properly fueling and hydrating the day before Lima’s 42K Marathon.

Astrid & Gaston was renowned by everyone we met as a 5-star Peruvian dining experience, with the most magnificent chef in all of Peru. We were told that it takes months to secure a reservation and alternative restaurants were suggested. Wait, if you don’t ask…you shall never receive. We called and got right in to enjoy quite the delectable dining experience.


Astrid & Gaston: Stephanie and I enjoying the scenery as we planned our afternoon.


Social Media Connecting People Around the World: A mutual friend from my Antarctica trip connected several of us when she saw that we were all in Lima for the marathon.


Astrid & Gaston: Seasonal Menu


Astrid & Gaston: Gluten free options available.


Costean corn, paria cheese tomato butter, chapla Astrid Y Gastón – Casa Moreyra

IMG_1553 (1)

Kiwicha falafel, quinoa tabuleh, yogurt, apple Astrid Y Gastón – Casa Moreyra


Peruvian asparagus in different textures Astrid Y Gastón – Casa Moreyra


Grilled octopus, lentils, chimichurri, potato water Astrid Y Gastón – Casa Moreyra

Following our 2+ hour lunch, we next explored an archaeological site in downtown Lima. Museo de Sitio Huaca Pucllana had been buried and was being torn apart before it was legally protected and became an archaeological site in the 1980s.


Museo de Sitio Huaca Pucllana is the remains of clay and adobe pyramids from the Lima people (200-700 A.D.). The Lima culture spent over 200 years building complex pyramids.


Museo de Sitio Huaca Pucllana was considered a sacred place for ceremonies and play. As you can see by the replicas behind us, the Lima people were no more than 5 feet tall at the time these pyramids were erected.


Museo de Sitio Huaca Pucllana: The Lima culture ceremoniously sacrificed women (between the ages of 12 and 25 years old) as a gift to the ocean, which was considered to be female.

During our walk back toward Mira Flores, we continued to pass by beautiful parks.


Art for sale in the parks


Cats were everywhere! Walking through one park, I stopped counting at 25 cats. They were adopted by the community as visitors fed and played with them.

We enjoyed a light dinner and gelato before turning in early. Still feeling a bit jet-lagged, I wanted to be well-rested before the marathon that was to start in less than 9 hours.