The Perfect Storm That Swept Away My Life’s Foundation



God doesn’t give us who or what we want;

Rather, He gives us what and who we need,

in order to become who we are meant to be.


Little did I understand how the message I received one October evening in 2008 would become a pinnacle moment marking the beginning of the end of life as I knew it—and sparking my spiritual evolution.

As I set out on my run in the dark and foggy twilight, I heard the sound of tires squealing from the lowly traveled road that separated an adjacent neighborhood. The darkness and dense fog made it impossible to see ten feet in front of me, much less the vehicle at the end of the path a quarter mile away. As I neared that place, I observed an old, beat-up car quietly idling. My intuition was that he had been waiting for me from the time I started my run. But why? As I neared the main road, the stranger flashed his lights several times into the darkness.

I cautiously crossed the street and knew there was something more about to happen. The driver slowly followed me and rolled down his window. Only allowing me to see the left side of his face, he spoke the following words in a deep, raspy voice: “This life is good, but your next life will be better.” My immediate reaction was one of fear. As I replayed repeatedly in my mind the words he had just spoken, my body stiffened.

The man never physically approached me, so I released the notion that his intention was to harm me. Our paths crossed one final time moments later as he stood next to his car across from my running path. He wanted me to remember this night, to remember his message.

The universe was prepared to shake up every aspect of my life—career, marriage, relationships with family and friends—in order to reset me onto the path of my soul’s purpose.

We are born into this life with our soul’s purpose and come prepared to learn the lessons we have selected for ourselves. We are to fulfill our soul contracts so others may learn their lessons. Once we are awakened to understanding that we need to pass a lesson in order to move onto the next, we may begin to tune into the spiritual guideposts that have been provided along the way.


The Path To Enlightenment

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

The Universe slowed me down this time to ensure I didn’t miss the signs. My health became negatively impacted as an empath who was also subject to significant stress at work and home. After various rashes, loss of hair, inability to sleep, and a growing number of migraines, my vitals were clear in their message to my physician. He feared I might have a stroke or heart attack. I was immediately placed on bed rest for two weeks. This was the first time I had truly unplugged from life as an adult — from all work and even television. I learned how to “just be” in the moment and how to truly connect with nature and Mother Earth.

The more time I spent connected with God and the universe in spiritual prayer and meditation, the more intensely I became reawakened. During my vibrational ascension, I experienced a myriad of changes. There is no turning back to the life of bondage and blindfolds once the journey toward your personal truth begins. How do you know if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Typically you experience a life-altering change or loss, including a significant relationship, job, or home. The universe removes what no longer serves your higher-self purpose. You may feel confused or that you no longer “fit” in your life. It may even feel blocked or you may feel a knowingness that you are on the wrong path.

In Ascension, my book, I also describe the changes that you may experience within your physical body during the reawakening process.



Our divine guides and angels communicate through signs of synchronicity. One weekend, I was reading about God, archangels, synchronicity, and divine numbers, including 11, 12, 111, and 222. The next day, I was out for an eighteen-mile run in the dead of summer with temperature nearing one hundred degrees. When I stopped at a gas station for hydration replenishment, I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to buy I lottery ticket. Drenched in sweat, I asked the kind cashier if he could slip the ticket into my shoe pocket. Around mile 16, my running partner bent down and picked up an ice-cold Gatorade someone had placed alongside the busy road. I asked if she was seriously going to drink it. She responded with a resounding “Of course! It’s ice cold and sealed.” Just ten feet down the road, another ice-cold Gatorade was waiting for me, in my direct path.

Upon returning home, I retrieved my lottery ticket. It showered me with amazing gifts of synchronicity. My lottery ticket was filled with the numbers of divinity I had just read about the prior day! Beautiful synchronicity indicating I had much more to awaken within myself.

I began to see repeat codes in time, bill amounts, license plates, etc. It started out with numbers like 11:11 and 1:11, which increased to 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, and 12:12. I also started receiving calls from 000-000-0000 and 888-888-8888. When I answered, no one was ever there. The amazing power of synchronicity.


There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events

are blessings given us to learn from.

—Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Divine Guidance

When I began the deeper journey within myself through meditation, I learned how to quiet my mind, focus on my breath, and deeply connect with God, my Spirit guide, archangels, and other divine healers that surrounded me. We always have our Spirit guide and guardian angel with us. Always. We also have other spirits from our soul family who check in on our spiritual evolution.

Universe Laws

It’s important to understand that the universe is like one big algebraic equation that must balance itself out. Our subtle energy field is like a magnet, whereby we continue to attract people, places, outcomes that resonate with our vibrational frequency. If you do not care for the life you’ve manifested, vibrational ascension and freeing your mind are the keys to unlocking your freedom. In Ascension, I provide additional insight into a number of the Universal laws, including the Law of Attraction, the Law of Resonance and the Law of Purification.

The time, energy or other resources invested into your journey to self-love, to self-acceptance, to reclaiming your personal power and embracing the greater meaning in life is a PRICELESS investment.

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