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SIA Africa Sustainable Initiatives and Alliances for Africa


I am pleased to announce that I have officially joined SIA Africa as Director General and Board Member.

I am passionate about empowering and inspiring all souls to release their shackles and become the CEO of their own lives. Love, faith and knowledge are the keys to inner peace. Achieving inner peace – soul by soul – is how we will manifest world peace.




I have been involved in humanitarian efforts for years, however in 2015 I experienced my first trip to Africa. This was the genesis of my support for The Girls Project in Kenya. I loved meeting the local people, including the Maasai Warriors as I traveled from Nairobi to Laikipia. During recent years, I’ve also crossed paths with individuals from war-torn countries or who have survived genocide in places like Sudan. I am excited to facilitate sustainability throughout Africa as part of the SIA Africa team.


The mission of Sustainable Initiatives and Alliances for Africa is to develop sustainable global alliances that will transform Education & Investment initiatives into ethical impact change across Africa.


SIA-Africa aims to inspire thought leaders and innovators from around the world, who are committed to making a difference in Africa through sustainable development.


Our Goal is to facilitate partnerships that will lead to the delivery of sustainable resources across Africa by matching needs with opportunity.

As Director General, I oversee staff from both the ‘Operations and Communications’ and ‘Program Initiatives’ divisions. Responsibilities include oversight of digital and outreach communications, oversight of SIA-Africa branding and promotion, oversight of event promotion, and oversight of collaboration between SIA-Africa and strategic partnerships.

In 2017, we will build upon the existing initiatives in place to serve humanity in places such as South Sudan. If you have an innate desire to help heal humanity and contribute to manifesting a new way of life in Africa through education, opportunity and the gift of hope…simply send me a message with your interest. SIA Africa Ambassadors come from all walks of life to contribute to social action, disaster & humanitarian relief, economic empowerment and human rights initiatives.

In Love & Light,