Love, Creative Energy and Fun: Energetic Powerhouse to Manifesting


Experiencing love, channeling creative energy and having fun are a collective powerhouse to manifesting abundance and to transforming your life. The heart chakra is the most powerful energy center or vortex within your subtle energy system. It works in tandem with your sacral chakra, which sits near the reproductive organs. This life force is well known for its association with sexual energy, but it is also your birth canal to manifesting change in your life.

Sustained blockages or a state of imbalance within the sacral chakra can lead to outcomes such as difficulty conceiving a child, sexual dysfunction, roadblocks in artistic pursuits (writing ,painting, sculpting, designing, etc., the absence of innovation or new product development in business, a decline in revenue or new client growth, the suffocation of new opportunities and people entering into your life

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MOCA’s Boardwalk Art Show & Festival (June 2016): Totally busted sitting on an artist’s creation by the comedic artist himself.

By adulthood, I know many of you are challenged with “finding time” to explore or invest energy into your own creative passions. Why would you sacrifice God’s gifts of creativity, curiosity and self-exploration?

I often work with clients who have integrated self-identity with their career. They spend most of their time discussing work and find themselves uncomfortable in other social venues. I have been known to assign homework, such as to schedule a day of nothing but fun or to start a new artistic endeavor. In every single case, I’ve heard responses like “I don’t know how to have fun” coupled with a blank, fearful stare. Why is it so important to start no matter where you are in life?

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MOCA’s Boardwalk Art Show & Festival (June 2016)


In addition to self-exploration, channeling creative energy reinvigorates your mind, body and spirit as it opens doors to new opportunities. It facilitates your achievement of a balanced life and greater abundance by allowing yourself to focus on simply existing in the moment. It’s in these moments that your mind invests in manifesting beauty and enjoyment rather than worry or fear. Releasing attachments to outcomes provides an inner peace and calming effect.

There are many ways to discover or invest your energy into creative pursuits. Try new activities and make note of what you feel drawn to. We reside in a dimensional realm where we can manifest anything. It’s about your energy and faith – feeling and believing you can achieve your wildest dreams.

By my thirties, I knew all about what others expected or needed from me, but I still had to learn more about myself. Who was I? Why was I here? What did I want out of life? I had lessons in self-love and self-acceptance I had to master. I also had to start taking myself much less seriously.Exploring your vulnerabilities or learning something new can be scary…but it’s also exhilarating. You are here to grow and learn throughout your entire lifetime. If you’ve not been called Home (to the other side), you still have lessons to master.


I was in love with piano music and baby grand pianos from the time I was a young child. I relished in learning teaching myself when one of the homes we moved into had a piano. Just as I neared the big 4-0 Birthday, I purchased a baby grand piano and began taking lessons. Age is just a number…


I began to enjoy and appreciate art in new ways. My interest in art museums and art festivals exponentially increased with my international travels. Even though I wasn’t gifted to draw or sketch as some creative souls in this lifetime, I began painting my own abstracts.


Dance is another way for you to experience living in the moment while incorporating physical movement. You must choose the music you listen to wisely as it carries its own vibrational level, penetrating every energetic vein of your being.

Although I often danced in the privacy of my own home or on the occasional girls’ night out, I started formal lessons in my forties. When I first met my instructor, I expressed my desire to learn and have fun, not to learn for competitive shows. So, that’s exactly what we did – we laughed as I channeled my own creative energy and learned what I was capable of. I’ve learned several Latin dances (i.e. rumba, salsa, tango…), the waltz, the swing dance, the hustle and several others. If I can do it, you can do it!

Impromptu recording of one of my beginner dance lessons (Spring 2015):


Writing is another venue to release stale energy and to allow your creative energy to flow. You can write about your experiences for yourself or others. You can write poetry or fiction. I was so used to keeping everything bottled up, but found journaling to be personally therapeutic. It became my doorway to blogging and then to writing my first book.


I was extremely self-conscious and began hating the camera before I was even ten years old so the notion of modeling or acting was entirely out of the question for a very long time. As I came to understand why I felt this way after nearly four decades, I signed up for a TelePrompTer course. I had so much fun that it led to a summer of acting lessons. I then began some modeling. I stepped away for a few months as I focused on my writing. As my book manuscript neared completion, the universe opened an opportunity for my next creative project.

I was drawn to meet with a casting director and producer to discuss an inspirational film project about faith and love. (How’s that for the Law of Attraction?) Even without the resume of other actors in consideration, the Director said he felt drawn to my energy and passion – and my eyes. I was pretty much offered a supporting actress role on the spot and received the formal offer the following day. Reins of Hope filming began a week later and is currently underway (as of June 2016). We work hard and laugh harder!

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Reins of Hope: Filming On Location (Day 1)


Begin with an activity that you feel drawn to first. It can be an individual lesson or a group workshop. I’ve had clients try all sorts of activities to broaden their comfort zones, including writing workshops, pole dancing, acting lessons, etc. Even if you feel you’d like to start small in trying something new, sign up for a yoga class or paint-and-create event. There are meet-me-groups focused on photography or cooking lessons. The universe avails so many opportunities, you simply need to choose. It’s time to make it happen!

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MOCA’s Boardwalk Art Show & Festival (June 2016)