Lima 42K Marathon (2016)


What runner doesn’t love an amazing marathon expo? Lima’s 42K expo was spectacular! Located within the stadium, the warm breeze and sunshine felt amazing. The event was sizable to accommodate the 14,000 runners (marathon, half marathon and 10k) and was filled with pre-race energy of excitement!




Although I met very few people who spoke English, the Peruvians certainly do love American music! This DJ had everyone rocking out to Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Eminem, etc.


The Wall of Dreams and Well Wishes



Pre-Race: While the Peruvians around us were running sprints to warm up…Stepahanie, Hudson and I were simply ready to get this party started!


Pre-Race: Orange anyone? It’s the first race where I observed more than 90% of runners wear their race shirt on race day. It seems to be a tradition.


Finish Line: A picture is worth 1,000 words 🙂



Lima 42K and Seven Continents Finisher (May 15, 2016)

Returning Home

I was reminded how much I need to learn Spanish! Leonardo (my driver) spoke no English, so the first 5 minutes of our drive to the airport was quite entertaining. He would ask me a question and I would reply “no hablan español”. He would ask me another question. I responded with the same phrase, until finally a question I understood. He wanted to know my name. I replied with “Jacqueline”. He then introduced himself as Leonardo. The next 10 minutes, I listened to Leonardo repeat my name in different tones, volumes and speeds. As he drove, he then began a game of charades and ghost writing on the ceiling of his vehicle -– in between his texting and driving, of course.


Leonardo flipped the radio station to American 80’s music. He was filled with child-like excitement and belly laughter when he learned that I knew the words to every single song that played. I entertained him for the duration of our drive as we listened to the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing and Grease’s Tell Me More, etc. Before we parted ways, he attempted to increase my fare to 60 Soles. Even though he didn’t understand my words, he clearly felt my direct tone in disapproval and held his head down like a child who’d been grounded. I handed him the agreed upon 50 Soles and told him I should have received a discount for entertaining him (ha ha). He accepted my payment and wanted to smile for the camera!


Peru, it’s time to say goodbye. Until next time…

I look forward to returning to Peru with a bit more time to explore Machu Picchu (known as the Lost City of the Incas! I’m also considering the Inca Trail marathon, which is an adventure in itself, starting at nearly 8,000 feet above seawater.