A Bit of Leprechaun Mischief


People destined to meet will do so. Although it may seem by chance, our life paths cross with others at precisely the right moment. These encounters continue to bring me the most beautiful friendships around the world.

The beautiful Westin Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)

Oh how I love reuniting with fellow globe trotters and marathon runners from around the world. My first stop after freshening up at my hotel was the gorgeous and serene Trinity College campus. I experienced an amazing energy encapsulating the entire campus, including the magnificent Book of Kells Exhibition and The Long Room. The Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s greatest treasurers. It may also be referred to as the world’s most famous medieval manuscript. The 9th century book is a richly decorated copy of the four Gospels of the life of Jesus Christ. The book of Kells came to Trinity College in 1661 for safekeeping. Only two Gospels are on display at a time and no photographs are allowed.

Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland)

The Long Room is home to many treasures. “The distinctive and beautiful barrel ceiling was added in 1860 to allow space for more works when the existing shelves became full. Marble busts of famous philosophers and writers line the central walkway of the nearly 200-foot-long room, created by sculptor Peter Schemakers beginning in 1743. ”

The Long Room (Trinity College, Dublin Ireland)

The Long Room (Trinity College, Dublin Ireland)

15th Century Wooden Harp in the Long Room (Trinity College, Dublin Ireland)

Although I do not consume beer, I visited the iconic Guinness Storehouse with several friends who enjoy a fine Guinness. It was quite the experience! It is rich with history, several restaurants, and an enclosed rooftop bar with amazing views of Dublin, and more.

“A Woman Needs A Man Life A Fish Needs a Bicycle.” (Guinness Storehouse)

After being taught how to pour the perfect Guinness pint — with the perfect amount of head — we ventured to the shopping area. I checked messages as others perused for gifts. Within moments I felt someone looking over my shoulder trying to read my email. When I busted this perfect stranger, he broke the awkwardness with a Top Gun type serenade. Admittedly, I was quite entertained.

It was quickly revealed that my new friend was with a group of British fellows on Holiday for a bachelor party. I was introduced to the entire crew and persuaded to participate in the leprechaun mischief. As I was handed a small military figurine I was advised of the one and only game rule. We had to freeze in the same position as our figurine every time the whistle blew. Contagious laughter permeated the entire first floor as observers stopped to join in the fun.

Next stop? The Brazen Head

The Brazen Head (Dublin’s Oldest Pub, Est. 1198)

I love exploring new cities on foot. A few shots of Dublin for your viewing pleasure…

Autumn in Dublin

Friends from 6 different countries (USA, Ireland, England, Italy, Canada, Australia:-)


“May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”

– Irish Toast