The Sanctuary at Ole Lentille (Laikipia, Kenya)



Arriving at The Sanctuary at Ole Lentille was heavenly and completely healed my travel nausea from our 2+ hour ride in a four-wheel vehicle on remote, mountainous terrain. I recommend an entire week’s immersion to truly maximize the Sanctuary experience.

Note: There is a nearby airstrip for those who prefer to charter a small plane.

Initially we were to spend our final two nights at a tented campsite near the race start/finish line. My heart was filled with gratitude when John and Gill Elias made their beautiful Sanctuary available to our group. I was assigned to the Chief House with three other runners, where we had sleeping quarters, our own kitchen, and separate living room quarters. The design and décor was simple, yet elegant.


The windows and doors remained open with fresh air flowing throughout the day; however, we did lock up at night to block critters from entering. The hyenas were noticeably the loudest animal of all!


Stone pathways connected each of the homes with the primary kitchen, the library (where we dined as a group), the spa, pool and main office.



The entire experience with Sanctuary staff was superb! Each home had an assigned butler and valet. Maasai warriors had a presence throughout the property to serve as as our escorts, as well. Although I felt completely safe, I asked one Maasai guide how he would protect us if a leopard jumped onto our path. He chuckled as he demonstrated the use of his bare hands as natural weapons. Hakuna Matata. Hakuna Matata.



Spa Massage Room: Post-Race Deep Tissue Massage Prevented Soreness in My Legs

Massage Room (Open-Air)

Our body is a temple and needs to be cared for in order to achieve a mind/body/spirit balance. Massage is the best way to reward oneself after an endurance sports challenge. I enjoyed a relaxing, post-race deep tissue massage in the open-air spa room. It released all of my lactic acid build-up, so I didn’t experience any muscle stiffness or soreness whatsoever!

Before departing this glorious haven to begin our journey home, I spent time playing with the house dogs and quietly meditating by the infinity pool overlooking the grand landscape.


The Sanctuary is committed to tourism as a way to “give back” to local communities by building schools, roads, running water system, bringing electric to the community and so forth. The Sanctuary is also a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. Bringing supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, is a priceless gesture to the lives of local children and families.

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