Aberdare Country Club and Running In the Wild (Nanyuki, Kenya)


Aberdare Country Club is nestled upon a slope of Mweiga Hill in the Aberdare Highlands. Upon checking in, we were each escorted to our own serene cottage. Although we were advised we could comfortably walk the property near the main buildings, we were advised not to wander further out without a guide since the Country Club is situated amongst miles of wildlife.


Many of us quickly changed into our running gear in order to enjoy our first run with a Kenyan guide. Running at an altitude nearly 7,000 was very different than an altitude of about 400 feet in Hershey, PA. I found myself listening to everyone’s faster breathing during this training run, as our inhalations deepened to take in more oxygen. It felt like we were sprinting the majority of the run; however, my GPS watched reflected a very different story (ha ha). It was an illusion since our hearts were working harder at the high altitudes. We still had four days to acclimate to our new elevation!

Maasai Running Guides

Maasai Running Guides

During both morning runs at Aberdare, I stopped in awe of the giraffe and zebras. We simply stood in the open fields to breathe it all in…enjoying the view of such beautiful animals in their natural habitat. I could not have felt any safer.



Morning Run at Aberdare Country Club

Morning Run at Aberdare Country Club

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I spent the next few hours enjoying the Country Club (including the pool) with a few “friends”. Deer and pumbas were often just hanging around my cottage!


Pumba Outside my Cottage Door


Refreshing Drink


St. Theresa’s School Girls

The cuisine was spectacular. Every menu topped the next throughout this trip. Following a delightful dinner with friends, I enjoyed a tranquil evening meditation and reading in my cottage. Although the bed warmers were a welcomed necessity, I especially enjoyed the crackling sound of the warming fire that lulled me to sleep.

Crackling Fire In Each Cottage

Crackling Fire In Each Cottage

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