Aberdare National Park (Kenya Adventure)


We stopped for handcrafted souvenirs at the equator in route to The Ark Lodge, which was centrally situated within Aberdare National Park (ANP). The lodging was quite an experience in and of itself. Rule #1: There was no leaving The Ark without a guide.

Keep a safe distance from any animals -- THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY

Please keep a safe distance from any dangerous animals — THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY.





The Ark Lodge (Nyeri, Kenya)

Game Drive (Aberdare National Park)

Game Drive (Aberdare National Park)

After checking in and enjoying a delightful lunch with a window seat to so many beautiful animals, I went for my first game drive! This was the beginning of taking many beautiful pictures of nature’s wonders and all she has to offer. It was such a perfect day to “just be”– present in the moment.

Just Chillin' (ANP)

Just Chillin’ (ANP)

Monkeying Around

Monkeying Around (ANP)

Modeled after Noah’s Ark, The Ark had four viewing decks with balconies and lounges to provide superb game viewing from the comfort of the lodge. The animals literally came to us to enjoy the waterhole and salt lick.

Elephants Enjoying Happy Hour at the Water Hole

Happy Hour at the Water Hole

Deck View

Deck View

The Ark’s Captain reviewed its history with us and explained why lions were removed from this particular Park. They were eating all the other animals!

Wildlife Bodyguards: Poachers NOT Welcome

Wildlife Bodyguards: Poachers NOT Welcome

Due to the elevation and time of year, the evenings were cool as temperatures dropped into the low 50s. Even though we were in Africa, I found myself in the hotel shop searching for a warm fleece. While some joked about sleeping by the main fireplace, I simply snagged the comforter and snuggly warm, heated bottle from the extra bed in my room. Aaahh….I wasn’t getting out of bed until I heard soothing musical bells outside my door, signifying breakfast was ready. Okay okay, I may have run to the viewing deck if there was a three bell ring (leopard sighting) or four bell ring (any unusual sighting) wake-up call.

Sunrise Over the Water Hole

Sunrise at the Water Hole

Shortly after breakfast, we packed up to explore (and enjoy:-) The Ark’s sister resort — Aberdare Country Club.

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