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Our Antarctic expedition continues…

We spotted our first iceberg, whales and birds on our third day at sea. We were enveloped by endless oceanic views. Simply gorgeous, exemplifying God’s miracles!

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Drake Day-40

The next day we enjoyed or first excursion off the boat at Penguin Island (South Shetland Lands). In order to go on land, we enjoyed a bio-cleansing and vacuum party. Michelle (OneOcean wildlife expert, zodiac driver and yoga instructor) in the mudroom. The mudroom is where we would dress/undress from wet or drysuits and step into cleansed boots. Antarctica remains a place for scientific exploration so no seeds may be transferred between the boat and land.

Liz Penguin Island-83

Gangway: The only way to/from our zodiacs.

Antarctica (79 of 86)

Zodiac: Our ride to and from land.

Penguin Island’s prominent geological feature is the 170m height cone of Deacon Peak, the northern face that slopes to the beach landing. Most of this 1.6km island is surrounded by low cliffs, with Chinstrap penguins, Adelie penguins, nesting giant petrels and Antarctic Terns, as well as several seal species.


Penguin Island


Liz Penguin Island-71



Penguins were in abundance throughout the Antarctic region.


Happy Feet enjoyed his little siesta on a dry bag.

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Antarctica (70 of 86) (4)

Antarctica (73 of 86)

Liz Penguin Island-78



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Published in April 2016.