Dublin Marathon and Halloween Celebration


Your feet will bring you where your heart is. – Irish Proverb

The Dublin marathon was ranked 5th in Europe in 2017, with nearly 16,000 finishers. Due to its size, runners were corralled and released in waves. I was assigned to the first wave and enjoyed a great start! Rory and Catherine were waiting outside their flat about a mile into the race route. As I approached and tore off my top layer, I also destroyed my headphones. I laughed it off and kept running. A few miles into the race, I simply started playing music over my phone speaker πŸ™‚

Dublin Marathon (2016): Starting Line Corrals

Dublin Marathon (2016)

Madden Brothers (Rory & Pierce) cheering us on!

Dublin Marathon (2016): Marathon Mischief

In addition to the motivational signs spectators made to cheer us on, the Dublin Marathon posted a variety of inspirational quotes throughout the course. I loved seeing the signage throughout the city in the days leading up to the race!

True Story…


Crossing the Dublin Marathon Finish Line!

Dublin Marathon: We Did It…and Feeling Great!


Let the Celebrating Begin!

The Irish love to celebrate Halloween! When in Ireland…

I gave my up my Wonder Woman costume to be part of a group costume with Steph and Julie πŸ™‚ Steph crafted our mice ears and tails from her home in Venice! Sharing a few pics from our celebratory evening in the Temple Bar area…

Marathon Celebration, Halloween Style: 3 Blind Mice…See How They Run πŸ™‚

Marathon Celebration, Halloween Style: 3 Blind Mice…See How They Run πŸ™‚

Philip and Pierce getting the Irish jig started again…in costume;-)

Temple Bar, Dublin

Always remember to forget
The friends that proved untrue.
But never forget to remember
Those that have stuck by you. – Irish Proverb