Ascension: About the Author



By Jacqueline Cassel

Empowerment Coach / Executive Advisor / Inspirational Speaker / Author / Show Host /Actress / Activist


I am living life by my design.

I serve others as an empowerment coach and executive advisor to those who know more is possible in their own lives, for their organizations and in their communities.

I am also asked to speak to groups of all sizes to share my story and inspire others to fearlessly move forward in manifesting their dreams and in fulfilling their life purpose.

Uniquely collaborating with each client, I guide individuals and organizations through the transformational process of spiritual awakening, vibrational ascension and the powerful journey to self-empowerment. I work with executives and serve as an extension of leadership teams to consult on topics ranging from organizational development to candidate interviewing and negotiations.

As an intuitive and futurist, I deliver a more complete vision of possibilities as I intuitively “see” energetic influences beyond the five senses. Through subtle energy purification I facilitate the release of energy that blocks you from moving forward, that repeatedly attracts the same people or circumstances into your life, that creates an illusion that you are alone or unworthy, and much more.

My professional career spans over two decades and includes expertise in subtle energy, healthcare consulting, sales and marketing, branding, product innovation, strategic planning and leadership development. In addition to earning a degree in psychology and an MBA, I have begun my doctoral coursework.

I achieve balance by spending quality time playing with my family of choice, exercising, meditating, traveling the world, reading, channeling creative energy and by viewing life as one big adventure.

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Ascension contributes to casting a light on the healing required for humanity’s vibrational ascension. This book of inspiration may be used as a guide to provide insight into your life experiences, to serve as a catalyst for spiritual awakening, to provide you with the courage to live authentically and reclaim your personal power. Understanding that we are souls on a human journey with an entire subtle energy system that encapsulates our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies from many lives is also important in your overall wellbeing.

My innate drive to protect others, especially women and children, began at a young age. When I spoke to God, I told Him I wanted to change the world. I wanted to protect others from what I was experiencing and didn’t want anyone to ever feel alone. I simply wanted to give others shelter, love and hope.

Starting around age 4 or 5, I vividly recall asking questions about life purpose, why God allows abuse and neglect, why people hate and kill in the name of religion, the existence of afterlife on the other side…and why so many think we are alone in the universe. I was left with blank stares, ridiculed or simply ignored altogether. So I began my spiritual slumber.

After enduring the next 30 years of lessons that continued to repeat, I was spiritually re-awakened. The universe gifted me with closure to important questions. As I healed my inner world, I healed my outer world.

I had visions of writing an inspirational book several years before it manifested. When I reached a point to fulfill this contract, the universe re-affirmed my intuition and sent messengers into my life as guideposts. It was time to share my story…and to fulfill my mission.

In Love & Light,