From the Tango Capital of the World to the End of the World


Don’t simply chase your dreams. Manifest them by living life to its fullest.

The Antarctica Expedition I had interest in as part of my running tour around the world was booked for the next two years. Upon expressing interest in the 2018 marathon event I was notified that an opening was now available for 2016…just a few short months away.

This spectacular journey began with my flight into Buenos Aires, where I soon connected with people from 21 countries who marry their love for running, travel and self-exploration. They continue to live life with a full cup…while filling the cup of others 🙂


Stephanie (a friend from Italy) and I are enjoying the Teatro Colon.

After traveling overnight, Buenos Aires provided a warm and sunny welcome. I would soon be boarding a boat with nearly one hundred people for ten days, so I enjoyed sitting quietly poolside prior to our first group run and the welcome reception.

I looked forward to a relaxing run to stretch my legs and begin my tour of the city. As we hit the trail, I found myself surrounded by competitive runners who moved at a much faster clip than I desired. Conversing with another runner (while utterly sleep deprived) resulted in quite a Bridget Jones’ moment. I clumsily tripped on a loose rock and propelled forward, leaving gravel imbedded in my hands and a deep cut on my hip. Following my spotlight moment, I heard concerned voices of two men (with British-blend accent), lending me a hand to my feet while asking if I was alright. Lovely way to start this adventure, right?

Following the reception that evening, I was pleased to retire early to my hotel room.

I relished the fresh air and warm breeze that brushed along my skin as dawn broke the next morning. After a brief run, I toured the city on foot and indulged in a bit of local shopping.

IMG_0823 (1)

Teatro Colon (Opera House)


Teatro Colon (Opera House)

Teatro Colon is notably one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. Its creative design was to bring to life a paradise of music, angels, muses, and flores. The artist’s desire was to marry the human and spiritual worlds. Greek mythology symbolism was a key theme throughout the ornate decor. Our entertaining guide wanted us to understand the meaning behind the theme of “8” throughout the opera house. 8 is a symbol of infinite on its side. There were 8 muses. Construction started in 1908 and not finished until 1988 due to legend’s curse. Everyone who worked on it died at age 44 (4+4 = 8).


Teatro Colon (Opera House)

Following a visit to the Evita Perone museum, we were excited to enjoy a live Tango show.

IMG_0859 (1)

And when in the tango “capital of the world”, what else does one do? Purchase gorgeous new dance shoes, of course!




Cabanas Las Lilas: Catching Dinner Before Tango

We were up by 4am our final morning in Buenos Aires, to catch a bus to the airport. Destination: Ushuai, Argentina (a.k.a. “El Fin Del Mundo” or The End of the World). After 2.5 hours of dining and shopping in Ushuai, it was time to board our “home” for the next ten days. It was time continue our journey on the Academic Ioffe Russian research vessel to Antarctica!

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* Published in April 2016.