Michael (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Published Book Review:  “Jacqueline Cassel’s ‘ASCENSION’ is the missing piece of the puzzle.”

This little hidden gem could provide the spiritual answer you are looking for. Cassel explores, with eloquent simplicity, the widest variety of the Ascension experience citing a rich background working with psychology, spirituality and metaphysics. This is a very tall order but Cassel manages to accomplish this with such ease that the reader can put together the missing pieces of her or his life; all with the impression that they are speaking with a good friend. Make no mistake about it; Cassel is a professional and scholar, but she demonstrates mastery in the art of creating ease and comfort with her reader. Especially impressive is how she weaves touchstone quotes from historical leaders with her own personal accounts from her life journey and client testimony.

When approaching material like Cassel’s ASCENSION, I strongly advise the reader to come in with a few lucid questions of their own. For those perhaps dipping their toe into material like this for the first time, those questions might be, “What exactly is the Ascension process? What might be my own unique experience and emotional evidence of this process?” For the seasoned reader, the question might be, “How does ASCENSION provide a powerful intersection for tying in all of the works I’ve been exposed to thus far?” For me personally, the author was able to drum up past experiences from Julia Cameron’s THE ARTIST’S WAY, Gary Renard’s THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE, and Rasha’s ONENESS. Cassel provides a direct three-step path from recognizing the shadow self, cultivating spiritual reawakening, and, finally, how to become the artist of your own life’s canvas by “writing new chapters”. She provides a rich variety of tools and modalities, especially for writing new life chapters.

The true mastery of the artist is exposed by what is happening for the reader on subliminal levels – both in recognition and application. Jacqueline Cassel’s ASCENSION helped wake up a deeper intuition where unlocking a personal mystery in my life was possible that had been buried for almost thirty years. That statement should fully articulate the spirit behind the words of the author. You will especially appreciate the journey if you can relate to being a forty-something parent in the midst of a recovery and recreating your life. It’s all about reclaiming your true value in this world and then ascending your consciousness to the point of creating a joyful life as you see fit. Jacqueline Cassel is an authentic Spirit Guide and, in my opinion, an Ascended Master. Enjoy!

Michael Shoeman


Michael’s note of gratitude:  Hey Jacqui. Your book arrived today and I just read the synopsis and the first few chapters. I just really felt compelled to tell you how unbelievably amazing you are! Thank you so much for manifesting this. Have a beautiful weekend! ? And now back to the book!

Mark (Nashville, TN, USA)

Note of gratitude:  Jacqueline, it’s been a long time since we spoke.  I want you to know that your accomplishments and amazing life have been such an inspiration to me.  You are an amazing woman…I’m at a crossroads in my life and now I’m going to try and use your inspiration to springboard into my future. Thanks!

Brian (Quebec, Canada)

Jacqui Cassel is always on point with her intuitive insight! She is goal-oriented with a purpose and is down to earth. I truly appreciate her genuine attitude with no hidden agendas. Positive energy always has a way of flowing into my life when we connect. As a business owner and community leader, I look forward to my continued personal and professional development. I have not taken the time to take care of myself in years, and am excited to have embraced this journey with Jacqui. I’m happy she’s in my corner as my entire life and business continue to evolve.

Derek (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Jacqui has been the catalyst to my search for internal peace and serenity. Her dexterous insight has enabled me to become more spiritually grounded. My first session with Jacqui was extremely emotional. Within 20 minutes, tears were pouring from my eyes, I was gasping for my breath as we revisit specific childhood trauma and patterns of dysfunctional relationships that were blocking my spiritual growth. When your spirit, soul and physical body are aligned….you’ll start to gain precise mental clarity. This was taught and thoroughly explained through Jacqui. This is not an overnight transformation but thanks to her my vision is becoming clearer as the universe evolves. I now envision myself as worthy and destined to do great things despite the adversity I’ve encountered.

Amy (Hershey, PA, USA)

I met Jacqui several years ago through mutual friends when she was still working in Corporate America. In the fall of 2014, I was feeling unsettled in my life, knew she had an office in my town so decided to give it a whirl. One hour with Jacqui was such a relaxing experience (much like when I get an hour to myself or at the spa), I picked a stone and went on my way. We met and talked again and she explained the process, the chakra system, her story, etc. Being the left-brained CEO and stubborn cynic that I am, I would listen and assess without judging, but not buying into it completely. My desire for hope started outweighing my pride. Although I am a very smart, confident, successful career woman with a strong loving family support system, I was stuck and overwhelmed with most facets of my life. I had always made safe calculated decisions based on facts. Knowing the good, the bad, and the ugly was much more comfortable than the unknown.

After chewing and digesting all of her information (and completing my own due diligence on the concept), I contracted with her to start the process. I always have felt a sense of peace and calm when I am with Jacqui. It may have taken a bit longer with me than most. I was afraid or stubborn, but only dipped my toe into it instead of jumping in the deep end. I also got frustrated along the way, because I wanted a quick fix and this was definitely not going to happen overnight.

At some point the light bulb went on, Jacqui can’t fix me, I need to fix me. Jacqui taught me how to heal myself ~through her intuitive guidance of love and light. I learned to still my mind, meditate and stop being so hard on myself. Daily affirmations, reading inspiration, getting in touch with my inner being, combined with meetings with Jacqui (and all of her subtle energy work), created a sense of hope of getting “unstuck”. As we progressed in the energetic purification process, I began to experience a shift in my mood, the way I processed things, the people I hung out with, and much more. The awakening process allowed me to see things and people differently. I am now looking from outside the window into my life with a clearer mind so I can proceed with the life I was meant to live.

Now two years later, I consider Jacqui one of my best friends, like a sister to me. I still “buck” the system once and awhile, but having a new perspective on life has been nothing but elating, refreshing, and exciting! I look forward to new challenges because I’m adept to conquering them. I thrive on new adventures and travel because I want to breath in new experiences, people, cultures, and the world. I now live in faith and not fear of the unknown!

Laurie (Palmyra, PA, USA)

Before meeting Jacqueline Cassel, I had started my journey to unlocking answers in my life many times, but each time, something stopped me. I sought out intuitive individuals who presented themselves as authentic and pure, but each time I left feeling even more depleted and confused. I did not receive the guidance they had promised. I tried, but for a long time, my spiritual journey was like jogging through quicksand. Each time I started to get close to answers, I was blocked. Jacqui’s expertise changed all of that. With her help, I found the courage to speak my truth and I am empowered to be the person I am supposed to be. I thank God every day for Jacqui and her help.

**Excerpts from a beautifully written gratitude letter

When you said that I was finished with my cleansing, it took me a minute to process our words. (OK, more than a minute.) Initially, I felt a sense of accomplishment because it has been a long road into self-discovery, but as the minutes turned into hours, and my body allowed me to relax, I began to process the experience. I had no idea the processing would be such an emotional experience in and of itself; its own type of cleansing. If truth be told, I will continue to process and value the experience for a lifetime.

It all started when a loving, broken and used dog, with a beautiful spirit came into my life at the time I needed her most. Just like she, I put the needs of others first, so when she came to me in ill health and in need of love, I jumped into taking care of her with every ounce of my being…because of my concern for her I found you.

Deep down, I knew that I was broken and in need of a spiritual healing and guidance. I felt like my life was a combination of choices I had made, bad after bad, and that I had to physically and emotionally sacrifice myself until I finished my penance. I couldn’t figure out why the God I had been reading about, the God I promises abundance to those who ask was ignoring my requests…I had come to a place where I believed that the problem was within me.

Well, it was. The problem was within me, but not in the way I believed. Throughout the past 8 months, I have learned more about my family and myself than I had in 47 years. God didn’t ignore my request for help. He led me to you. He knew I wouldn’t seek out your guidance for myself because He knew I did not love myself the way I should; the way He loves me. I was praying for answers and you appeared…

Many times I had started my journey to unlocking answers in my life, but each time something stopped me. I have countless informational texts and journals filled with conversations with God and higher beings of light. I sought out intuitive individuals who presented themselves as authentic and pure, but each time I left feeling even more depleted and confused. I did not receive the guidance they had promised. I tried, but for a long time, my spiritual journey was like jogging through quicksand. Each time I started to get close to answers, I was blocked. With you and your help, I have never felt blocked. I have continued to open myself and to become more spiritual.

I found the courage to speak my truth…I found my words, I received a new heart and I am empowered to be the person I am supposed to be.

I do not know how to find the appropriate words to express my gratitude for your diligence, love and patience. You have worked tirelessly to give me my life back, and for that, I am so thankful. Throughout the journey, you have been my trusted mentor. You have coached me through many dark realizations, removed some stubborn attachments, made friends with my grandmother and remained positive and kind. I thank God every day for you and your help.

The same person who once shared the quote with me “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, also shared a story about life being like a trolley. She said that sometimes people get on our trolley for a short period of time and leave, others get on and off our trolley throughout the years, but others stay for the entire ride. It is my wish that you stay on my trolley. I value your friendship, wisdom and kindness. Thank you for all you have done to help make me whole again. With love and gratitude…

Jane (Boston, MA, USA)

Jacqui has helped me to understand and clear old energy patterns that were limiting my personal and professional success. Due to our work together, I have moved forward with my life in a more positive and powerful direction, even starting a new career path in a new city. I’ve worked with many coaches or holistic professionals in the past that were helpful but not to the same level of results I’ve achieved with Jacqui.

“Jacqui, thank you for all the ways in which you’ve helped me and supported me in my recovery and transformation :-)”

Ed (Harrisburg, PA, USA)

Jacqui told me that I would own my own business again and now I do. She told me not to fear and that I would be busy. I’m busier than I imagined. I owe it all to her positive presence in my life. Whenever I’m around her, I feel inner peace.

Fallon (New York City, NY, USA)

Jacqui has the whitest smile and brightest aura I’ve ever seen. She has awakened to her life purpose in helping others heal and vibrationally ascend in a unique way. Where traditional psychologists may identify the bugs, she reveals and energetically releases them…charting you on a new life path. She signed up for many lessons of her own in this lifetime, which position her to help many people. I admire her strength and determination. I also look forward to her book helping many others around the world.

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