About Jacqui


Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cassel

Life Coach
Business & Leadership
Personal Empowerment
Spirituality & Mindfulness
Energy Healer
Storyteller (Author & Speaker)
Actress & On-Air Host
Gaia Guardian & Activist

Let Me Help You Win at the Game of Life!

Personal empowerment, knowledge and the ability to embrace change are all keys to overall life success, wellbeing, and happiness. I tap into my experience, education and natural intuitive gift in order to uniquely serve you. I believe in the power of human connection and in our ability to inspire one another in order to maximize our potential. My passion is to help you become the CEO of your own life — to reclaim your personal power, to keep you moving forward in life, to help you uncover your purpose and to developing all facets of your being — joyfully, energetically and authentically. Once you discover your innate abilities and power, you begin to make conscious choices…and flourish.

My professional career includes more than 23 years as a coach and futurist, including 16+ years invested in Corporate America leadership roles. When working with leadership teams and organizations, my passion extends to helping you fulfill your collective potential, to embracing change for perpetual innovation, to understanding how to best tap into your biggest asset — your employees – and more.

I earned my psychology degree from George Mason University, my MBA and started my doctoral coursework. I am an author and love my inspirational speaking gigs. I also adore channeling creative energy as an actress and model. As an endurance athlete, I achieved my runner’s dream of becoming a Seven Continents Club marathon finisher in 2016.

I achieve balance by spending quality time playing with family and friends, exercising, meditating, enjoying global travel adventures, reading, writing and dancing. I view life as one big adventure filled with abundant love and laughter…with a few lessons along the way. Are you ready to win at the game of life?






DISCLAIMER (Energy Work)

While I have extensive experience and training as a healing arts practitioner, I am not a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist, or other licensed health care provider, nor are my services licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The energy healing techniques I offer are not intended to be a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment of medical condition or psychological disorders and they do not replace the services of health care professionals.

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