My VISION is of a world filled with unconditional love, happiness, peace and optimal health. My vision is of a world that eradicates fear, abuse, and suffering by quieting the ego and embracing the power that lies within each of us. My vision is of a world that manifests abundance for all through service to others and in taking steps to heal the planet.

My MISSION is a simple one — to inspire and empower you through self-discovery and authenticity, to guide you to understanding that life is limitless, to help you color outside the lines, and to help you win at the game of life!

With Much Love,


Transforming the Lives of Individuals, Teams & Organizations

We are global citizens and ambassadors. We have organized ourselves according to the rules of the new emerging economy with mobile devices and laptops. We connect with each other and our clients from our offices, homes and hangouts — from anywhere around the world. We speak in front of  audiences, large and small. We shirk traditional hierarchies and promote servant leadership. We are passionate about our work that drives action, generates results, and makes for change. Our work is our life’s mission.

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cassel
Life Enthusiast, Coloring Outside the Lines


Laurie Stotz
Empowerment Coach


Amy Speece
Financial Services Coach


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