Feng Shui & Property Healing


Whether you are interested in Property Healing or Energetic Purification…I can help you!

Feng Shui Healing

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science of healing our surroundings for prosperity and well-being. It’s based on the understanding that your living space (outer world) is a direct reflection of your energy (your inner world). Feng Shui strives to achieve balance in both. It is the art of placement of physical objects based on maximizing positive energy flow which produces improvements in all facets of your life — money, love, relationships and business.


Property Energy Reading and Purification

Energy is inherent in all property (land and home). Consider getting a reading of any property you’re considering for purchase. What is the vibe of the prior current owner? If you’re contemplating a new construction, what energy is the land you’ll be building on? What energy is the builder bringing into your life?

I recall buying a home years ago where I ignored the signs the universe was giving me with continued construction delays. Once we moved in, I began to experience alarming visions. The first one was of a young woman picking cotton in a field while singing a melody to herself. After several minutes of listening to her beautiful voice and feeling the warmth of the sun toward the end of the day, I suddenly felt fear. She was then tapped on her shoulder by a man dressed in a long white robe and hoodie. I screamed for him to not to harm her and then everything went dark. I already knew that the development was built on old farmland, but I had to learn much more about the developer himself. The spirit energy of the property grew to a point that I was constantly replacing lightbulbs. Every time I was on the phone with a male colleague or friend, my doorbell rang– but with only one single chime. I felt it in my bedroom at night and it even tried entering me during meditation one evening. After that bone-chilling experience I was done with its nonsense. My guides showed me what I needed to do to clear the property.

Another experience was when a woman contacted me about her son who could no longer sleep at night — even with a bat by his bedside. He was routinely seeing the spirit of young injured women in his home. I immediately had visions of men doing work outside on the land in grey colored jumpsuits. They each had some sort of sharp tool and I saw chains as if they were prisoners. Since my client’s husband didn’t necessarily believe in ghosts or psychic, I highly recommended that she research what had been on the property long before their home. She learned that their development was built on an old quarry. When I asked the universe for more insight into the man who harmed these young women, he appeared in my client’s home. After her son observed a frightened disheveled, bloody woman run through their living room (in spirit form), he watched the perpetrator walk down the edge of their family room and stare through their windows. They called me freaking out and asked me to come over immediately. This was certainly more than an energetic imprint upon the land. The property needed spiritual purification.

We are all energy. Everything we own is energy. When we sell or buy items, there is an exchange of energy. When you purchase used items or antiques, you are welcoming energy from the prior owner(s) into your world. And if the items belonged to someone who is now deceased, there can actually be spirit attachment. I’ve energetically purified everything from jewelry to furniture to vehicles and more. During one client’s remote home cleansing, I viewed a spirit within her grandfather clock. Although I already knew the answer, I asked my client how she came into possession of the clock. She laughed and said she purchased it at an antique store, but she was creeped out by it. Every time she walked by, she said it felt like someone was watching her. Bingo! How’s that for synchronicity? It needed to be released.


Services are customized based on your objectives.

Jacqui services clients worldwide with several office locations and through the use of modern technology (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp & FaceTime). She also participates in international retreats and travels for her work with leadership teams, organizations and public figures.

Rates and packages vary, so please contact me to schedule your free consultation.

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